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Is your 401k below a 201k? My wife and I watched in horror as our retirement funds deminished. Todays real estate market conditions have come to our rescue. They say a buyers market like this only comes once or twice in a life time. The key to success, however is KNOWING how to capitalize on it. We have become successful investors and are looking to build a team of investors interested in learning how to do it RIGHT; with results beginning at $10,000 per transaction. With all the foreclosures, this is a great time for investors and we are looking to TRAIN a few motivated individuals. No prior experience is necessary but a plus. Money motivated people with entreprenuer mind sets do best. No resume or licensing is required, however, we do need to talk to establish a good fit. Call and leave your contact details for a return call; 866-596-xxxx ext. 2Listing originally posted at http